Who We Are. What We Do.


Stemmler Design creates meaningful, thoughtful places through exploring the connections between people, culture and the natural environment. We employ a multidisciplinary approach, interweaving ecology, history and art in designing sustainable places of enduring quality and beauty.

Our work ranges from urban design projects such as light rail systems and public art installations to the design of gardens and memorial spaces. We work collaboratively to ensure we meet the aspirations of the client while effectively addressing the programmatic and technical requirements of the project.



wner Jesse Stemmler received his Masters in Landscape Architecture from University of California at Berkeley. Before establishing Stemmler Design, Jesse worked for award-winning landscape architecture firms Lutsko Associates, Surface Design Inc., and Murase Associates. He has also worked for the National Park Service and is a frequent collaborator with renowned public artist, Tad Savinar. Jesse was awarded the Geraldine Knight Scott Traveling Fellowship; using this grant to further his exploration of design and cultural expression in projects throughout South Africa, Australia, and the Southwest United States.

Jesse is also a former executive chair of the¬†Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architect’s¬†Executive Committee and an active volunteer with Architects Without Borders.