Fundamentally rooted in site research and planning, our design work engages in land use studies, historical research and community collaboration in helping to shape the idea and identity of a place. Key to this work is the development of clear planning and design solutions articulated through graphic studies and analysis.



The LiNC Neighborhood Corridor StudyCity of Santa Monica, Ca

The Gilbert Road Lightrail Extension Study, City of Mesa, Az

Downtown Mesa Alley Possibilities ProjectCity of Mesa, Az

The Graffiti Design ToolkitTrimet & City of Portland, Or

Tempe Streetcar Architecture & Urban Design Definitions, Valley Metro Phoenix Public Transportation

Tempe Streetcar Urban Design Guidelines, Valley Metro Phoenix Public Transportation

Clinton Station DOS, Portland Milwaukee Light Rail Possibilities Project

Lavanderia – Mission San Luis Rey: Site Evaluation & Design Review, Lutsko Associates & Mission San Luis Rey

San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Special Resource Study: A National Park Service Report To Congress, National Park Service

Hoyee Adeetin Tourist Destination Design Guidelines, The Grand Canyon Trust

Hoyee Adeetin Tourist Area; Weaving Navajo Narratives Into The Landscape, Masters of Landscape Architecture Graduate Thesis, University of California, Berkeley

Portraits of A Navajo Roadside Vendor, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley